Research Administration Practices (RAP)

Targeted, skills-based educational offerings in a class/workshop style that includes participation from departmental administrators, RAS, VPF and VPR as subject matter experts.

Upcoming Events

We are currently planning RAP sessions for the upcoming months. Please share your topic suggestions at and check back later for scheduled offerings. In the meantime, we hope you will access video and PDF content from the past events listed below. 


Presentations from Past Events

Please note that some videos will require you to login via Touchstone to Panopto. Zoom videos will ask you to login via SSO, using the mit domain name.

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] – November 04, 2020

The Subaward Process [PDF] [Video] – October 27, 2020

DOE Sponsored Programs [PDF] [Video] – October 14, 2020

NSF Personnel Forms [PDF] [Video] — September 15, 2020

Financial Closeout of Sponsored Projects [PDF] [Video] — June 24, 2020

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] — June 16, 2020

NSF Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF] [Video] — June 2, 2020

NIH Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF] [Video] — May 15, 2020

SAP Navigation for Research Programs [PDF] [Video] — April 29, 2020

Capital & Fabricated Equipment at Award [PDF] [Video] — April 15, 2020

MIT User Accounts & Kerberos IDs  [PDF] [Video] — April 2020

Workspace and [PDF]January 2020

NIH Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF]December 11, 2019

NSF Proposal Tips and Resources [PDF]November 7, 2019

Foundations and Non Profit Sponsors [PDF]October 16, 2019

SAP Navigation and Sponsored Programs [PDF]September 17, 2019

Fiscal Officer Perspective on Budgeting [PDF]May 21, 2019

Workspace and [PDF]March 19, 2019

Proposal Approvers and What DLCs Should Know [PDF]February 20, 2019

The Subaward Process [PDF]January 22, 2019

Reading a Solicitation [PDF]December 2018

Post Award and KC Navigation [PDF]October 2018

NSF Proposal Tips and Resources and FastLane Demo [PDF]October 2018

User Accounts and Kerberos IDs [PDF]September 2018

NIH Proposal Tips and Resources - Human Subjects [PDF]September 2018

Understanding the Information in SAP (Summary Statement) and KC [PDF]January and May 2018

Financial Review (FRC) Tips and Resources [PDF]April and May 2018 

Managing and Preparing Large Proposals [PDF]March 2018 

Reading a Solicitation [PDF]February 2018

Industrial Proposal Tips and Resources [PDF]December 2017

Foundation Proposal Tips and Resources [PDF]November 2017

NIH Proposal Tips and Resources [PDF]September / October 2017

NSF Proposal Tips and Resources [PDF]September / October 2017