What is the difference between the “Due” and “Overdue” statuses for NSF project reports in Research.gov?

Research.gov will show two key dates for every Research Project Progress Report (RPPR), which are required annually and at the end of the project: the date the RPPR is “due” and the date it is “overdue”. These dates represent the start and end dates of the window during which a report can be submitted. Ideally, reports should be submitted to the NSF early in the reporting window, in order to allow time for revisions if the Program Officer requests any. If the Program Officer does not approve the report by the “Overdue” date, the report is considered delinquent. NSF will not make any new awards or allow any extensions to a PI or Co-PIs other awards while any report is due or under review. For more information, see the NSF Reporting page.