2019 Program

MIT RA Circle Mentoring Program 2019 (Year One)

RA Circle Mentoring Program Goals:

  • Foster connection and networking within the MIT RA community
  • Enhance and support research administration as a career at MIT
  • Serve as a source of support and career guidance

Timeline 2019:

  • Mentors meetings began in January 2019
  • Orientation for all participants February 2019
  • Circle groups met March – September 2019

Discussion topics examples:

  • Career paths for research administration staff at MIT
  • Knowledge and skills in different areas of research administration
  • Communications skills
  • Work-related challenges and solution discussions
  • RA training and development opportunities
  • Informational interviewing
  • Time management/work-life balance

Participant comment examples:

  • [The program] "has shown me that research administration is such a vast field and I have so many different avenues to explore."
  • "I really love that in our circle we have people from different departments…It helps to see a picture from different angles. Also, I learned about very helpful resources which I had no idea about and some new techniques."
  • "The topics have been great including communications, systems and tools, MIT culture, and others."