C3 AI Project Budget Guidelines

C3 AI awards will be set up as standard fund accounts with a fund transaction fee of 10% which is generally applied to all direct costs with certain exceptions (see Fund Account Overhead Rates).  For the C3 AI awards, in order to avoid under-recovery, the budgets should consist of faculty summer salary support and student appointments processed similar to a fellowship with full tuition. The student stipend and tuition budget line items won’t incur overhead. If the projects are budgeted in this manner, the budget will not generate under-recovery. 

If the PI processes non-academic personnel (research scientists, postdocs, admin assistants, etc.), material and supplies, travel, and equipment, the project will produce under-recovery. Any under-recovery related to the C3 AI projects will need to be supported from a local level, through the under-recovery support practices within the PI’s DLC.

Excel Worksheet template to assist with budgeting