Limited Solicitations

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Frequently, sponsors limit the number of proposals that an organization is able to submit. Funding opportunities, prize competitions and award nominations with these institutional limits are called "limited solicitiations."  For all opportunities that limit the number of submissions/nominations, there is an internal competition to select which proposal(s) will be submitted for funding and who will be nominated for prizes and awards.

Announcements for internal competitions are made via email and are posted online. Information included in the announcements are: the internal competition deadline, details about the funding opportunity (including amount of funding available), eligibility requirements, and required competition materials. Selections are made by the Vice President for Research with input from a committee of applicable deans. Only candidates identified through an internal competition are able to submit proposals for a limited solicitation.

All campus limited submission competitions are announced on the MITfundops Listserv, to which you can subscribe at this link.

An archive of past MITfundops postings can be found here:

If you are interested in submitting an application to a solicitation that limits the number of applicants and no competition announcement has been made, or for more information about this process, please email

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