Pivot Comprehensive Funding Search Tool

MIT and Pivot-RP


Ex Libris Pivot-RP is an online suite of tools for researchers and faculty that is accessible using a web browser. Pivot-RP provides quick and easy access to currently available research opportunities from various funding sources (federal, foundation, private) and a mechanism to connect with other researchers from various institutions.

Pivot’s searchable and curated database of global funding opportunities covers over 13,000 public and private sponsors and >$70B of funding.

With your MIT Touchstone, you can create an account to gain access to the expansive database of opportunities.

Quick Help

Pivot QuickStart Guide [document]  

Pivot YouTube Tutorials [video]

The tutorials cover various topics including basic functions like setting up your account and profile, navigating funding searches, and advanced features and tools.


With Pivot you can utilize three different types of searches: text search, by sponsor search, advanced search.

Use any keywords in the quick search toolbar to conduct a query of funding opportunities.

You can create and then save customized searches using a variety of keywords and criteria. Saved searches are automatically rerun on Sunday, and users can choose to have weekly funding alerts delivered via email.

Tutorial on basic and advanced searches [video]

Tutorial on saved searches [video]

Funding Opportunities

Pivot-RP's main feature is connecting you with available funding opportunities. These opportunities include the sponsor, funding category (keywords), amount, application requirements, deadlines if they are a limited solicitation**, and where to find more information.

Pivot-RP enables you to mark opportunities in order to track them. You can mark highly relevant opportunities, ones that you are actively interested in pursuing, as active. Tracking an opportunity enables you to receive updates when the opportunity changes and to get personal reminders about the opportunity's deadlines.

You can also share opportunities, browse opportunities shared with you, and create alerts to be notified when new opportunities that match certain criteria are added to Pivot-RP.

Tutorials on how to search, track, save, and manage searches [video]

Pivot Listing - EFRC Page

Creating a User Account

To maintain a list of funding opportunities, enable alerts, and so forth, you must create a user account via your MIT email.

You will see two options to create an account. As MIT Touchstone is enabled, we recommend using the single sign-on option as it will auto-generate your MIT information into the portal.

Go to https://pivot.proquest.com and click “Access Pivot-RP using your Institution's Credentials (Shibboleth)” Scroll down until you find “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”

Pivot Login Screen


Ex Libris maintains over 3 million faculty profiles created and maintained by their Editorial Team. A profile is associated with an institution, published papers, and funding opportunities. It is expected and recommended that Pivot-RP users also have profiles.

When you first log in to Pivot-RP, you can either claim a profile as yours, if one already exists in Pivot-RP, or you can create a new profile. You can manage your own profile, or you can designate one or more other users to manage your profile; these users are known as profile proxies or just proxies.

For information on personal data used in Pivot-RP, including how to view and remove this data, see Managing Personal Data in Pivot-RP [website].


For Questions related to Pivot we recommend searching the Pivot Knowledge Center [website].

You can also contact the Pivot Support Team [website].

For other questions, please contact the Research Development Team at ResearchDev@mit.edu.