OST III - Summary of Updates

OST III has incorporated updates to the system aimed to increase flexibility, process transparency and better user experience.

Quickcard - OST Guidelines for DLCI Users – December 2023

The sections below summarize the new functionally.


  • Added a Priority column
  • Added a CA column
  • Updated the layout
  • Added a Download to excel feature that brings the display’s data into an excel spreadsheet
  • Added a Help menu with documentation of the system functionality


  • Ability to Save a request before it is submitted to RAS to open it back and complete it later
  • Ability to View attachments in the display while the request is being created
  • Ability to Delete attachments from tickets not yet submitted to RAS
  • Ability to Change the Priority level of a request

Details Screen

  • Updated the layout of the request data
  • Simplified the request flow by replacing the Return button with the new Submit button
  • Updated People Box to display the Reporter, RAS Assignee and Contract Administrator
  • Augmented the Status field to better communicate the state of the request in the whole process life cycle

Advanced Search

  • Introduced multi-select fields for Type and Status
  • Added new search fields:
    • Account number
    • Sponsor
    • Contract Administrator