Domestic and foreign travel should be shown separately.

  • List the name, destination, and purpose of the trip. Include transportation costs (e.g., coach airfare), registration fees, accommodation fees, and other related expenses
  • Base the estimate on actual projected costs for the likely destination
  • For federal sponsors, budget for coach airfare
  • Some non-federal sponsors may allow use of funds for business class travel expenses, especially for international travel. Specific approval is required under the MIT Travel Policy. See below for language to be included in the budget justification.
  • Budget all travel estimates in compliance with the MIT Travel Policy at VPF 1.00 Introduction to MIT Travel Policies [website] Requires Touchstone login. 

Sample Budget Justification

Funds are requested for the PI and Senior Research Associate to attend the International Neuroscience Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. Both researchers are expected to present papers on the project at this meeting as the announced theme of the meeting is the particular focus of our research group.

Optional language to request approval for foreign travel for non-federal funds:

Business class travel for the PI is requested for international flights in excess of six (6) hours.

Funds are also requested for a PI and a GRA to travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to meet with collaborators twice a year during the period of the project. These meetings involve sharing the accomplishments of the past months, discussing future goals and objectives, and assigning specific research experiments for the next period.