How Does Workload Balancing Work?

As soon as a proposal arrives at RAS the Workload Balancing (WB) software reviews the current proposal workloads of the contract administrators and assigns that proposal to a staff member for handling (RAS Approver). To make the assignment, WB takes into account the following factors:

  • POC — the Contract Administrator who is the usual point of contact (POC) for the DLC that routed the proposal
  • Capacity — the proposal volume each CA is currently handling
  • Complexity — the general difficulty weighting given to a proposal based on historical data  
  • Flexibility — the agencies or sponsor types for which each CA will review proposals from outside their assigned DLCs.

Depending on the overall proposal volume or volume by DLC, there may be periods in which WB assigns the majority or all proposals to the DLC's usual point of contact at RAS. The flowcharts below show in more detail how the WB software works.

Workload Balancing Process Flow
Workload Balancing Software Algorithm