Clearances and Approvals

The bulleted items below may require approvals or clearances.

For Kuali Coeus proposals, the date of approval should be in the Special Review tab. 

  • Biohazardous Materials, Recombinant DNA and Embryonic Stems Cells – All projects which involve the use of biohazardous materials, embryonic stem cells or involve recombinant DNA technology must be registered with and approved by the MIT Committee on the Assessment of Biohazards & Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight. 
  • Radioactive materials – All project which involve radioactive materials must be approved by Radiation Protection Program.
  • International Commitments – Projects that are defined as International Activities by MIT are required to be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Vice President for Research. Proposals, which have not been approved prior to receipt by RAS, will be forwarded by RAS to the Office of the Vice President for Research after submission of the proposal. Approval must be received prior to acceptance of any resulting award.
  • Sponsorship from a Private Foundation – All approaches to Foundations must be cleared by the Office of Foundation Relations. If evidence of such clearance is not documented with foundation proposals received by RAS, RAS must contact the Office of Foundation Relations to secure such clearance prior to submission.
  • Rental of Space, Construction or Renovation of MIT property – Requests for new space construction, new space assignments or major alterations and renovations or existing space must be approved by the Committee for Review of Space Planning prior to acceptance of awards requiring these changes.