RPPR Reports - NIH Implementation

Starting in May 2013, NIH grantees with Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP) and Fellowship awards are now required to use the eRA Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Commons Module, for awards with start dates on or after July 1, 2013 (therefore, report due to NIH in May).

Progress reports for these awards submitted in any other format will not be accepted and must be resubmitted in the RPPR format. If a progress report has been initiated as an eSNAP, the format must be changed to the RPPR, with the help of the eRA help desk. It is important to be aware of these requirements because noncompliance with them will jeopardize the NIH’s ability to issue timely awards.

If you are unsure if this requirement applies to your NIH grant, your Notice of Award will specify whether an award uses SNAP. Note, “R” awards routinely use SNAP. In addition, the RPPR requirement also applies to all fellowship (“F”) awards.

Below are some useful links to information to guide you in this process. If you need assistance, contact your Contract Administrator at RAS.



http://era.nih.gov/help/index.cfm#era (NIH Help Desk)

  • Yes. NIH has been piloting an RPPR module in eRA Commons and expects to make this module mandatory as it is finalized for each award type. Currently, grantees may access this reporting tool by clicking on the “eSNAP” tab in eRA Commons and choosing the RPPR format. When NIH has completed the implementation of the RPPR the “eSNAP” tab will be renamed “RPPR”.

  • The use of the eRA Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Module for submitting Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP) and Fellowship progress reports will be required for awards with start dates on or after July 1, 2013 (i.e., due dates on or after May 15, 2013, for SNAP awards and May 1, 2013, for Fellowships). NIH also anticipates piloting the RPPR for non-SNAP awards during calendar year 2013.

    • RPPR data fields are specific to your grant type and grant number only. This means that all active sections are or can be relevant to your grant. Data fields not relevant to your grant will be grayed out.
    • After you have submitted the first RPPR, future applications will be pre‐populated with information from other databases, proposals and previous progress reports. If you think that the pre‐populated information is incorrect and the system does not allow you to change it, then you can either change it in the source database or contact your NIH Program Official.
    • Text boxes only accept rich text format. Do not enter any symbols. The scientific report on accomplishments is attached as a PDF document and can include symbols.
    • If the question is not applicable to your grant or if you have no change or progress to report just select “nothing to report.”
    • Competitive revisions/administrative supplements

      • Specific location to report aims & accomplishments
    • Foreign Collaborations
      • Individual affiliation with foreign organization
      • Dollar amount of award spent in foreign country
      • Information about foreign components
    • Participants – role on project
      • New role-High School Student; slight rewording of other roles
    • Level of Effort
      • Participant effort must be rounded to the nearest whole person month. If a PD’s/PI’s effort is 0.4 or less than it should be marked as 0. Other participants should have at least one whole person month of effort.
      • Prior approval request for reduction of >25% for PD/PI or other individual designated on NoA. The issuance of a subsequent year funding constitutes agency approval of the request.
    • Estimated unobligated balance
      • Provide estimated amount and description of how funds will be spent
  • NIH has a RPPR Implementation website with links to helpful information, including a detailed instruction guide that explains every section in great detail as well as a very helpful webcast.

  • The eRA Help Desk telephone number is 866-504-9552, or you can e-mail them at GrantsPolicy@od.nih.gov. Your RAS Contract Administrator cannot access your progress report while in process on eRA Commons, so we are not able to help with specific questions.