AFOSR Announces Closer Scrutiny of No-cost Extensions - Feb 2012

In February 2012, the AFOSR issued a formal notification that clarifies the AFOSR No-Cost Extension Policy. AFOSR will continue to issue no-cost extensions. Review of extension requests will be examined in greater detail by AFOSR Grant Officers and Program Managers to assure they are properly documented and essential to program completion. This directive was issued because the processing of no-cost extensions takes the AFOSR Grant Officers and Program Managers away from other duties.

RAS is providing the guidance below:

  • All research efforts being performed should be managed toward meeting the present expiration date of the grant.
  • Keep in mind that if a no-cost extension is not granted, all unexpended funds must be returned to AFOSR at the end of the grant performance. It is advised to spend as allowed under the grant terms. All expenditures on grants should continue to be in accordance with OMB A-21 and therefore should be reasonable, allowable and allocable to the research being performed.
  • It is critically important that the Principal Investigator remains in contact with the AFOSR Program Manager as the program manager is involved in the research and often the determining factor if a no-cost extension is relevant and warranted for the research being performed.
  • No-cost extension requests must be documented in writing and sent to the RAS Representative for review before submission to AFOSR. As they must be sent to AFOSR no later than 30 days prior to the grant’s present expiration date, they should be sent to RAS sufficiently prior to that to allow for time to review. Technical rationale must be included in this request. A clear explanation of how the program will benefit technically during the extension period must be included in the request. This is where prior communication with the AFOSR Program Manager is very important. 
    Important Note: The fact there is an unobligated balance on your grant cannot be the primary reason for your no-cost extension request. AFOSR specifically states in the attached memo (link) that “In no event will extensions be granted merely for the purpose of using unobligated balances.