Changes to the NSF Science Codes

NSF has released several changes to its science code descriptions, applicable to MIT’s FY16 expenditures (and going forward). Kuali Coeus (KC) maintains this code on proposals and awards as the “NSF Science Code” field, which is ultimately incorporated into NSF’s annual Higher Education Research & Development Survey. 

Several existing descriptions have changed and new codes have been added. A full list of all changes can be found by clicking on the links below. Provided below is also a list of all the affected awards and proposals, including any NSF science code that had a change to its description on a Project WBS with FY16 expenditures or on a pending proposal.

Fields of R&D for the FY 2016 Higher Education Research and Development Survey

HERD 2016 Awards Report [PDF]

HERD 2016 IP Report [PDF]