EHS Role in MIT Grant Writing Process

May 2, 2013

To AOs and FOs

In Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), one of our roles is to provide assistance in the completion of those grant applications which require specific EHS information. Typically these requirements come from funding agencies such as DOE, Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other agencies, but we have noticed a trend in more agencies asking for EHS related information. This information may include regulatory citations such as OSHA compliance findings, MWRA citations, etc. Other information required may be EHS policy information, environmental import statements, as well as specific laboratory protocols and procedures.

We understand that granting agencies are asking for more detailed EHS information which may be unique to that grant. We are happy to work with you to provide the necessary information. We are hopeful that our outreach to you will encourage you to contact EHS as early as possible to allow more time to gather the information you need for the grant. Often the grants require that we tailor the information specifically to the laboratory or grant, which will take us additional time. We are keeping updated databases of OSHA citations, MWRA citations, and others so the information may be dispersed quickly. We know that oft times you are the integral people in the completion of the grant process and your time is valuable. By notifying us and working with us as early as possible we believe this process will be made simpler and allow timely submittal.

This communication is to provide you with a known source for this sort of unique information to allow this process to be easier and more successful. We understand there is a short time period for this material and ask that you contact us as soon as possible in the grant writing process so that we may begin work on the information you need. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email us at ( or call EHS at x2-3477.


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