Subaward Closeout

The starting point for the subaward closeout is knowing if it should end. It’s important to keep RAS apprised of when a subaward is actually ending so we can begin to gather the necessary documents from the subaward organization. Subawardees typically have 60 days to provide MIT with all the needed reports and the final invoices, so it's important to let the Subawards team know if a subaward is ending.

Subaward Closeout

The Subaward Closeout process is important so that MIT can meet our commitment to the sponsor to closeout the prime award in accordance with the agreement. For this reason, the RAS Subawards Team has developed a proactive process for ensuring that the subrecipient submits required materials in a timely manner.

Documentation Needed for Closeout

RAS responsible for follow-up:

  • Final invoice
  • Final invention report
  • Final property report

PI responsible for follow-up:

  • Final technical report
  • PI certification
    • Technical aspects
    • Expenditures reasonable

Send documents to

Go to the Kuali Coeus site for the Subaward Closeout Request Form.

The Subaward Closeout Process





30-Day Notice

KC sends e-mail reminder to the AO, the Requisitioner and the PI - the subaward will end in 30 days


Subaward Ends

RAS Subaward Team checks with KC and Contract Administrator whether the prime award is being extended, then confirms with the DLC that subaward has ended


Initial Notice to Subrecipient

  • RAS sends notification to subrecipient informing them of closeout requirements and due date (see Documents Needed for Closeout). All documents must be received before final invoice can be paid.
  • A copy of this communication will be provided to the AO and the PI on the award


Reminder Notice to Subrecipient

  • RAS sends notification to subrecipient informing them of any remaining closeout requirements and due date
  • Final payment is held until all reports are received


Subaward Close Deadline

  • If all materials have not been received by the subaward closeout deadline, the Sub Team will call the subrecipient to request that the materials be submitted immediately in order to process the final payment.
  • Once it is confirmed that all required materials have been received, the final invoice will be processed and a notice will be sent to the PI showing any remaining balance.
  • Based on feedback from the PI/DLC, the Sub Team will de-obligate any additional funding, if needed.


Closing the Subaward

When there is a zero balance on the account, the Sub Team will change the status to “Closed” in KC.

60 - 90

Review Reports

  • 30 days before patent report is due, RAS Subaward Team will confirm IP info in TLO database with PI. PI has 2 weeks to inform RAS of any changes.
  • RAS assembles closeout documents for sponsor

90 - 120

MIT Deadline

RAS Subaward Team submits closeout documents to sponsor