Office of Naval Research (ONR) Terms and Conditions Summary

Updated April 24, 2024

The current version of the standard terms is the DoD Research and Development General Terms and Conditions, as modified by the ONR Agency Specific Standard Terms Conditions for Research Grants (Feb 2015).

Any requests for prior approval should be submitted in writing to RAS for review; RAS will then submit to the grants officer by RAS.

  • Period of Performance Extensions
    • May incur pre-award costs 90 days prior to the award date without prior approval.
    • All no-cost extensions require prior approval of the Administrative Grant Officer.
    • No cost extensions require the concurrence of the Technical Representative, except for:
      • first-time extensions AND
      • 90 days or less AND
      • Where less than $50,000 remains unexpended
  • Personnel Changes
    • Change of any key person named in proposal or award requires prior approval.
    • Disengagement of the PI for 3 months requires prior approval.
    • 25% reduction in effort PI requires prior approval.
  • Restrictions on Allowable Costs 
    • ONR Funds shall not be used to pay for food and beverages.
  • Rebudgeting Authority
    • All deviations from the approved budget are required to be reported to the Agency.
    • Funds for participant support may not be rebudgeted without prior approval.
    • Changes in Cost sharing require prior approval.
  • Carry Forward
    • Carryforward does not require prior approval.
  • Equipment/Property
    • Prior approval not required for equipment under $25,000 used primarily in the conduct of the program.
    • Unbudgeted Equipment over $25,000 may not be purchased without prior approval.
    • Title to property vests in MIT without further obligation to the government.
    • Property management and reporting requirements are applicable to all property for which MIT is accountable under an award.
  • Travel
    • Use of U.S. Carriers for flights is required per the Fly America Act (49 USC 40118).
    • The Department of Defense does not allow exceptions under the Open Skies Agreements.
  • Publications
    • Acknowledgment required: when releasing information relating to this Grant, the release shall include a statement to the effect that the project or effort undertaken was or is sponsored by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research.
    • Disclaimer required:  any publication, including web pages, but not including scientific articles, must include: “Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Naval Research.”
    • Copies to Sponsor: provide draft copies of papers to Technical Representative when submitting for publication, and final following publication.
  • Subcontracting
    • Prior Approval required for all unbudgeted subcontracting.
  • Reporting
    • Late reporting could delay future funding. 
    • Requirements shall be specified in the Award document.
    • Technical reporting must be completed by the PI.
    • Final technical report must be submitted to in addition to any recipients specified in award document.
      • Final reports, if required, must be submitted no later than 90 days after end date of the period.
      • Final reports must be cumulative (cover entire project, not just period since last interim report). 
      • All Technical reports shall include a completed Standard Form (SF) 298, block 12A filled out with “Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited”
    • Financial Reporting required, completed by Sponsored Accounting.
    • Intellectual Property Reporting required, completed by RAS.
    • Property/Equipment Reporting may be required, completed by Property Office.

Visit the Sponsor’s webpage:

As with all Federal awards, OMB’s Uniform Guidance applies, except as modified by the sponsor-specific terms.