Kuali Coeus Approval Mapping

Kuali Coeus – After Proposal Submission

After a DLC Aggregator has routed a proposal, the approval routing map will show the real-time approval status of the proposal.

  • From the KC home page, access your proposal by clicking on “Search for Proposals” and then selecting “view” from the search results.   
  • Once in the proposal, select “Summary/Submit” from the left Navigation panel.

Now select “View Route Log”:


In the next window, under “Future Action Requests”, click on the “Show” button to view all future routing stops for this proposal. Select “Show” button again at one of the stops to display delegated/alternate approvers, if any, for a single stop:


Note: KC approval routing maps are not updated with the name of the assigned RAS approver until proposal is received by RAS (after it has been approved at previous levels in the process either with initial routing or re-routing of a proposal). At that time, the real-time approval status (i.e., Pending Approve, In Action List Complete) will also display. Also, Approvers may appear out of order prior to proposal routing, but will display correct order of Approvers after proposal routes.