Requesting New Subawards

After the prime award is active in KC, DLCIs should request a new subaward so RAS can set up the subrecipient. 


  • If not verified at proposal, confirm the relationship meets the criteria of a subrecipient 
  • Ensure project deliverables involving subrecipients are within reasonable timeframes allowing for negotiation between both entities 
  • Collect all necessary documentation for submission to RAS Subaward Team 
  • Submit requisition to issue subaward through B2P (Quick Card
  • Contact for questions regarding errors or issues within B2P 

RAS Subaward Team Role

  • Confirm the relationship meets the criteria of a subrecipient 
  • Ensure all necessary information and documents have been received (contact DLCI if not provided) 
  • Complete subrecipient assessment 
  • Consult with internal MIT offices as needed (OGC, OSATT, TLO, COI, Export Control) 
  • Engage PI/DLCI as needed (for example, to approve Sub Monitoring Plan for high risk entities) 
  • Draft subaward agreement and conduct negotiations with subrecipient 
  • Copy PI and DLCI Admin when sending fully-executed subaward to subrecipient