Requesting New Subawards

Process Overview

  • Once a department, lab or center (DLC) receives a notification from RAS that the prime award is approved and established in KC, the DLC should gather the following information and submit to the RAS Subawards Team so that they can develop and issue the subaward.

    • Verification of Subaward: If the subaward relationship was not confirmed by RAS at the proposal stage, the RAS Subawards Team must verify that the work will be managed through a subaward, and not a vendor or consultant agreement. This step is not required if the verification was done at the proposal stage.
    • Buy2Pay Requisition: A Requisition approved by the DLC / PI for the obligated and anticipated amount and obligated and total period of performance including the information listed below. 
    • Scope of work and budget: A discrete scope of work and budget for the subaward organization approved by the PI.
    • COUHES/CAC Approvals: Where the project includes the need for human or animal subjects, the PI must seek approval for the subrecipient’s work from the appropriate committee (COUHES for human subjects and CAC for animal subjects). Such approvals must be in place before RAS can execute the subaward agreement.
    • Special Instructions: Any special instructions for the subaward from the PI, including specialized reporting, deliverables, etc.
    • Risk Management Plan (for High Risk subrecipients): If the subaward organization is considered High Risk, a management plan is needed to minimize the risk to MIT and its sponsors. RAS will work with the PI to develop a management plan. Details about the plan will need to be included in the subaward. See “Options for Risk Management”.
  • Once the RAS Subaward Team receives the complete package, the RAS Subaward Administrator will process and negotiate your subaward. They will be in touch with the DLC and the PI with any additional issues. The PI will be responsible for monitoring the technical performance of the subcontractor and approving the invoices for payment (see “Subaward Monitoring”). Please email the RAS Subawards Team with any questions or concerns.

  • In order to request modifications, such as adding additional funds or time to an existing subcontract, you must submit a Buy2Pay Requisition, scope of work and budget, and any special instructions, as noted above, to the RAS Subawards Team and they will issue the modified subaward.