Special Reviews

Some areas require special review with distinct training requirements, processes and approval procedures. Review the information provided by the MIT administrative offices or committees governing each area and contact your RAS CA for further guidance. For each topic area, note:

  • Forms and processes
  • Deadlines
  • Training requirements
  • Duration of approvals (e.g., annual, semi-annual)
  • Approval tiers unique to your department, lab, center or institute
  • Pre-award versus post-award requirements

The Compliance screen in KC tracks the status of Special Reviews. See Proposal Development User Guide: Adding Compliance Information.

Special Review Topics and Oversight



Human Subjects

Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects (COUHES)

See also: MIT’s Federalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects (FWA), approved by the Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP)

Use of Animals

Committee on Animal Care (IACUC)

Biohazardous Materials

Environment, Health and Safety Office

Embryonic Stem Cell ESCRO-hESC

Committee on Assessment of Biohazards and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight

Export Control

Export Control

Foundation Relations

Office of Foundation Relations

International Programs

RAS International Liaison Global MIT Office

Radioactive Isotopes

Environment, Health and Safety Office

Recombinant DNA

Environment, Health and Safety Office

Space Changes

Requests for new space construction, new space assignments or major alterations and renovations or existing space must be approved by the Committee for Renovation and Space Planning prior to acceptance of awards requiring these changes.

Technology Licensing

Technology Licensing Office