National Science Foundation (NSF)

Updated: April 3, 2024

About the NSF

NSF's goals—discovery, learning, research infrastructure and stewardship--provide an integrated strategy to advance the frontiers of knowledge, cultivate a world-class, broadly inclusive science and engineering workforce and expand the scientific literacy of all citizens, build the nation's research capability through investments in advanced instrumentation and facilities, and support excellence in science and engineering research and education through a capable and responsive organization.


Finding Funding Opportunities

Some solicitations have limits on the number of proposals that may be submitted by one organization. When this is the case, an internal competition is required to determine which investigator will submit on behalf of MIT.

Submission Portal

Proposals can be submitted through and at this time, MIT RAS can best support proposal submission via 

Deadline Cycles

Due dates for NSF proposals vary. Check the announcement to confirm when the proposal is due. A number of programs have removed the hard deadlines and accept proposals on a rolling basis.

Terms and Conditions

Review the RAS Summary of NSF grant terms and conditions. For more details, or for unusual cases, consult:

Terms and conditions are established by MIT's membership in the Federal Demonstration Partnership.

Checklists, Disclosures and Other Guidance