Viewing Proposal Assignments

Proposals are assigned to RAS Approvers in KC based on their availability and previous work with the DLCI. Once a proposal is assigned, an automated email will be sent to the DLCI Aggregator, PI, and RAS Approver assigned to manage the proposal. If the proposal has industry as the primary sponsor, the automated email will also be sent to OSATT.

DLCI Administrators, Assistant Deans, and RAS staff can also view proposal assignments and deadlines through reports:

  • Proposals Not Yet Routed - Proposals with a defined deadline date will appear on this report when a DLCI Aggregator creates a proposal in Kuali Coeus. Proposals are sorted by School, Unit, and deadline. Once routed by a DLCI Aggregator, the proposal will appear on the "Routed Proposals" report (see below).
  • Proposals Routed by a DLCI Aggregator -   Proposals will appear on this report when a proposal has been routed by a DLCI Aggregator. Users can track the current reviewer of their proposals.

Updated June 8, 2023