Staff Directory

Name Sort descending Title Email Phone
Ericson Alexander Assistant Contract Administrator 617-258-7643
Victoria Bautista Assistant Contract Administrator 617-253-5990
Courtney Bensey Team Manager, Grant & Contract Administration 617-324-7533
Marissa Clarkson Team Manager, Grant & Contract Administration 617-324-5382
Michael P. Corcoran Assistant Director, Grant and Contract Administration 617-253-3906
Rose Cornet Senior Contract Administrator I 617-245-3297
Susan Dahill Senior Research Administration Support and Education Specialist 617-253-3856
Noelle Donahue Data Administrator 617-258-8014
Nancy Foley Administrative Assistant II 617-258-8013
Elizabeth Fong Assistant Contract Administrator 617-253-8048
Adrian Gamez-Perez Data Administrator 617-253-6925
Mary Getman-Netto Senior Assistant Contract Administrator 617-324-0302
Michelle Gittens Sr. Contract Administrator I 617-258-8009
Jamie Goldberg Team Manager, Grant & Contract Administration 617-253-6287
Victoria Grafflin Manager, Research Subawards 617-258-8015
Amy Holden Team Manager, Data Services Team / Applications Support Analyst 617-253-2763
Vivian Holmes Director of Research Administration Services 617-715-3393
Laureen Horton Assistant Director, Grant and Contract Administration 617-253-3922
Jeremy Kennelly 617-111-1111
Melissa Klumpar Contract Administrator I 617-253-4170
Meghan Lee Contract Administrator 1 617-324-8445
Maria Lemonopoulos Assistant Contract Administrator 617-258-7741
Juwairia Malik Contract Administrator I 617-253-2495
Katrina McCarty Senior Contract Administrator I 617-715-4296
Katie McGeary Contract Administrator II 617-253-0460
Mary A. McGonagle Sr. Contract Administrator II 617-258-8017
Katelynn McPeake Sr. Contract Administrator I 617-715-2479
Lynda Nelson Senior Administrative Assistant 617-258-8019
Ai Nguyen Data Administrator 617-253-8356
Alisa Onyuksel Contract Administrator I 617-324-9021
Brendan O’Brine Grants Subaward Administrator 617-324-2193
Mashiur Rahman Grants Subaward Administrator 2 617-253-7686
Sharon Ray Assistant Director, Grants & Contract Administration 617-324-2216
Nancy Sahagian Assistant Director, Grant & Contract Administration 617-715-4295
Kyle Shedden Assistant Contract Administrator 617-324-9146
Ruth Smith Senior Contract Administrator I 617-258-8018
Stacey Sullaway Sr. Contract Administrator I 617-324-7210
Louise Tanguay-Ricker Contract Administrator I 617-253-3884
Yonas Tsegaye Data Administrator 617-253-3864
Bernadette Vallely Team Manager, Grant & Contract Administration 617-324-7211