Sponsored Projects Basics

What Is a Sponsored Project?

A sponsored project is an activity sponsored, or funded, by an external organization, such as a federal, state, or private organization or agency. 

Characteristics include:

  • Specific scope of work or set of specific aims
  • Financial accountability and/or reporting; the funds must be separately budgeted and accounted for
  • Specific period of performance
  • Deliverables, including a final technical report
  • Disposition of property

Sponsored Projects Lifecycle

Lifecycle is the term for the span of an project, from proposal stage to closeout. 

  1. Proposal Preparation
  2. Proposal Approval and Submission to Sponsor
  3. Award Review, Negotiation, Hold Resolution
  4. Account Setup
  5. Award Management
  6. Award Closeout

Types of Sponsored Projects

Various mechanisms including grants, contracts, consortium agreements and fellowships are used to establish sponsored projects.

Updated: April 2, 2024