MIT Standard Terms and Policies

Updated March 25, 2024

Apply MIT policies when federal sponsored agreements are silent, or if an award is not federally funded. (See the Federal Pyramid of Precedence for more information about regulations for federal awards.) Always consult the MIT office directly responsible for oversight and policy in the specific area at issue. 

Changes in the scope of work

Changes in the scope of work and/or specific aims previously identified in the sponsor agreement require sponsor prior approval

Period of performance extensions

No-cost extensions may be granted internally or require sponsor prior approval, depending on the sponsor.

Personnel changes

RAS PI Absence from Project addresses PI changes. If the PI will disengage for 3 months or more, or change permanently:

  1. Discuss a plan for sponsor notification with your RAS CA.
  2. After notifying RAS, the PI and sponsor should discuss how will work proceed on the project.

Allowable costs

All costs charged to sponsored projects must be allowable, allocable, reasonable, and consistent.

  • Meetings: The business purpose of meeting expenditures must be substantiated by providing the following:
    • The purpose of the meeting or topic of discussion
    • A list of attendees (names and group association) present at the meeting
    • Itemized receipts
    • The date and location of the meeting, if it is not self-evident
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowable costs unless the sponsor explicitly approves such expenses in advance.

Rebudgeting authority

Sponsored funds may be rebudgeted between allowable sponsor designated cost categories as necessary to meet the requirements of the project. Rebudgeting should not conflict with the stated project scope of work or aims.


Title to property vests in MIT.


Consult MIT VPF Travel for specific travel guidelines including use of business class, unallowable expenses without sponsor prior approval, and non-reimbursable expenses. All travel must be:

  • For an appropriate business purpose
  • Charged to the appropriate cost objects
  • For personnel contributing effort to the sponsored award or paid from the award funds


Follow RAS Subwards policies. The subrecipient organization must:

  • Meet the Criteria for Subrecipients, rather than a vendor or independent contractor/consultant
  • Have the appropriate facilities to be able to carry out the work
  • Have policies and procedures to ensure the responsible use of sponsored funds as provided in RAS Requesting New Subawards checklist, commitment form and profile questionnaire


Provide a copy of any final report submitted to the sponsor to RAS at


Because the MIT campus only performs fundamental research, sponsors may not restrict publication, except to provide limited review for proprietary information. Publication may be delayed for a short period to apply for patents.