Research Administration Email Lists

The Research Administration Listserv (RA Listserv) is a vehicle to communicate timely information that is essential for management and monitoring of sponsored projects at MIT.

All administrative, financial and central office staff involved in the administration of sponsored projects at MIT should be subscribed to the RA Listserv*.  Subscribers will only receive official messages and announcements from RAS related to topics including:

  • FY F&A, EB and VA rates
  • Policies and Procedures affecting research
  • Kuali Coeus updates
  • Learning opportunities
  • Some funding opportunities

Please ensure that you and your colleagues are subscribed to the RA Listserv* to receive important communication from RAS.

*Clicking on the link to subscribe will bring you to a page where you are required to enter you email address (entering your full name is optional). Creating a password in not required to subscribe to the RA listserv.