Submission of Revised Budgets

Budgets must be routed through Kuali Coeus, not emailed. Review the Proposal Types Quickcard [PDF] for more information on submitting revised budgets in KC. 

For revised budgets that do not require the submission of a revised statement of work, the review process is:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department head or laboratory director, including department head of each faculty member identified by name in a proposed budget submitted by another department, laboratory, or center, except where the home department has waived its review
  • Dean, if the department or laboratory/center reports to the dean, only if the revised budget:
    • includes unusual features such as underrecovery of F&A costs, cost sharing, and space change implications, and
    • the revised budget has an annual budget greater than $2 million
  • RAS Contract Administrator

If a revision of the statement of work is necessary, with or without a revision of the budget, the full MIT internal routing and review process must be completed.

Updated August 9, 2023