Subawards at Proposal

At the proposal stage, select a subrecipient based on the organization's:

  • Technical expertise
  • Ability to perform a portion of the scope of work successfully
  • Infrastructure that meets federal and internal control and policy requirements


Ensure completion of the following items by the same 5-day deadline as the proposal. Begin early in the proposal process to allow adequate time to gather information, review and assess risk, and make a determination.

  • Assess the technical adequacy of subrecipient(s) and the appropriateness of their proposed budget 
  • Ensure the proposed subrecipient meets the criteria of a subrecipient (not independent contractor/consultant or a vendor) and determination is not based on indirect cost savings
  • Confirm the subrecipient has the appropriate indirect cost rate: 
    • Federally negotiated rate agreement, or; 
    • 10% MTDC Di Minimis rate 
    • Note: Federal agencies limit IDC rates for International Subrecipients
  • Add subrecipient to the KC proposal. If subrecipient is new to MIT, request a new subaward organization and ask proposed subrecipient to complete a new subrecipient profile questionnaire

RAS Subaward Team Role 

  • Available for consultation regarding the proposed subrecipient determination or process. 

Required Documents 

  • Detailed budget, to be included in MIT's proposal to the sponsor. Budget to include direct and approved F&A costs for the proposed subrecipient. 
  • Scope of work specific to the proposed subrecipient 
  • Subrecipient Commitment form bearing the signature of the subrecipient institution's authorized official or a cover letter from the authorized official at the subrecipient organization stating that it will perform the scope of work within the budget provided in accordance with the sponsor's terms should an award be made 
  • Other documentation as required, such as the PI's curriculum vitae, current and pending support, facilities, and resources.