International Activities

Please visit the Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer [website] for the most recent information about working with industrial sponsors.

Sponsored research agreements with foreign sponsors and foreign collaborators may involve special considerations and negotiations.

OSATT is responsible for the negotiation and execution of sponsored agreements involving foreign sponsors and foreign collaborators. They coordinate negotiation with other Institute offices, such as the Technology Licensing Office (TLO)Vice President for Finance (VPF) and the Office of General Counsel (OGC). OSATT keeps the Prinicipal Investigator (PI) and Department, Lab or Center (DLC) informed and engaged during the negotiation process.

Special considerations may include:

  • Tax matters – Consultations with the OGC and VPF to assure that award negotiations address all matters of tax obligations and implications
  • Research Compliance oversight – special reviews and approvals may be required if research involves human or animal subjects, specifically:
  • Compliance with Export Control Regulations
  • Intellectual Property rights
  • Currency, billing, and accounting – to meet Institute policies and procedures and sponsor requirements

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