Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities



Principal Investigator (PI)

The PI has the overall responsibility for the technical and fiscal management of a sponsored project. This includes the:

  • Submit final technical reports as required by the award, and provide a copy to:
  • Work with the DLCI administrator to provide any additional information required in regards to the financial audit

The PI retains accountability for the prudent control of the project cost object and may place limits on the dollar level and the types of expenditures for which that authority is delegated.

Department, Lab, Center or Institute (DLCI)

Sponsored Accounting

Reviews for:

  • Inappropriate charges
  • Post-term expenses
  • Cost share
  • Credit balance
  • Travel expenses
  • Prepaid charges
  • Purchase order commitments
  • Subcontract Issues

Once Review is complete, Sponsored Accounting will send the following notices to the DLCI:

  • Initial Notification of Closeout (usually within 30 days after expiration). 
  • If no response to the initial notification is received in 10 business days, a second notice will be sent
  • If no response to the second notice is received in 5 business days, Sponsored Accounting may allocate any overrun or unallowable expense to a departmental general account.

Once closeout is complete, Sponsored Accounting will prepare and send the final financial report to the sponsor, along with any refund or final invoice, as applicable.

Research Administration Services (RAS)

  • Works with the DLCI to confirm the closeout of the subawards
  • Emails a letter to the DLCI or PI which lists any inventions or patents that were created, or states that none were created. The letter asks the PI to verify that the information is correct. If inventions or patents were created, there will be an attachment from the TLO office listing the specific inventions or patents.
  • Prepares and sends a patent report to the sponsor