COI and Special Review Hold Notice Definitions

Conflict of Interest Related



No Disclosure

No disclosure started; started but not submitted for review, or disclosure did not include this project. Persons listed with "no disclosure" can follow this link to start the process and/or check to see if disclosure may be 'in progress' status: 

Review is not complete, or Review of proposal is not complete

All key person(s)/Investigator(s) have completed and submitted a disclosure for review by the COI Officer but the review is not yet complete and disclosure is pending approval. If you need additional information, contact your Contract Administrator. 

Training is not complete 

Key person(s)/Investigator(s) need to complete the CITI Training as per the sponsor requirements. Follow these instructions.

Some Key persons have not been confirmed 

Key persons listed on the award need to be confirmed in Coeus Lite. Follow these instructions.

Special Review Related



Animal and/or Human Subjects in pending status

The human subject or animal assurance protocol number and approval date have not been provided. Please forward the current approval to your Contract Administrator.

Recombinant DNA, Radioactive Isotopes, Biohazard Materials with a status of pending 

These special reviews will not cause a HOLD on the account, but the DLC should provide the approval for the file. 

International Programs with status of Pending 

Project includes international visitors (scientists, students or scholars, but excluding postdocs). VPR should provide approval.