Early Termination

In certain instances, a project may terminate prior to the original expiration date, due to:

  • Accelerated rate of spending exhausts sponsored funds
  • PI leaves the institution and the project will not be transferred or assigned a new PI
  • Sponsor’s level of funding is reduced
  • Sponsor requests termination
  • Sponsor sends a Stop Work Order or Notice of Suspension (Contact the RAS Administrator immediately if this type of notice is received)

Award agreements typically include a clause for how an early termination situation will be handled.  Generally, such notices would be sent by the sponsor to RAS, who should contact the department and the PI immediately.  If the notice is sent to the PI, RAS should receive a copy immediately. RAS will work with the department to evaluate the notice and plan a formal response to the sponsor.

Important: In the event of early termination, all required reports, such as financial, technical, and patents, must still be provided to the sponsor. For detailed information, see the Vice President for Finance (VPF) closeout procedures.