Deadline Cycles and Large Deadlines

Please visit the Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer [website] for the most recent information about working with industrial sponsors.

What are the deadline cycles? Are there any special large deadlines?

  • For non-competitive proposals, the PI should consult with the sponsor’s representative to identify any deadlines that must be met. Deadlines will be unique to each proposal.
  • For competitive RFP’s, the program web site sets forth the deadlines and other critical dates/times in the proposal and award process. Each RFP is different. Some competitive industrial RFPs post multiple competitions each year, while others may solicit proposals only once annually.
  • Some RFPs first require submission of a proposal abstract and invite full proposals only from a small subset of abstract providers.

If an RFP requests only an abstract or white paper as the initial submission and does not require that a contract acceptance letter signed by MIT be submitted with the white paper or abstract, the PI may submit the white paper or abstract without submitting it through the proposal process to RAS for approval.

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