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Last updated: April 6, 2021

Working with Department of Energy's Office of Science

US Department of Energy Office of Science sites are at and

Open FOAs:

Grant Information and Applications

Office of Science Grants and Contracts -

Grant application guide and forms - 

Grant Terms and Conditions

MIT is a research institution member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), subject to the Research Terms and Conditions. DOE Office of Science assistance agreements issued to MIT incorporate the Research Terms and Conditions and the DOE Agency Requirements.  

You may also find helpful this Prior Approval Matrix at the National Science Foundation site, which will explain which transactions require Agency prior approval or have been waived.

DOE/Office of Science assistance are also subject to:

How to find specific Office of Science Funding Opportunity Announcement information

For electronic submissions in, all appropriate fields are to be filled out in accordance with FOA Instructions.

All submissions to the DOE Office of Science (SC) are automatically entered into the DOE SC Portfolio Analysis and Management system (PAMS) and will then be assigned to a Program Manager.

At the time of Program Manager Assignment, the three people listed on the SF-424 R&R cover page will receive an email with the subject line “Receipt of Proposal 00002xxxxx by DOE Office of Science.”  These three people are:

  • Principal Investigator (Block 14)
  • Authorized Representative (Block 19)
  • Point of Contact (Block 5).

Once the mail is sent, these individuals will each be able to view the submitted proposal in PAMS. PAMS is available at:

What are the deadline cycles?

The DOE/Office of Science Funding Opportunities

Preparation Checklist

This checklist will help you assemble the information you need for your proposal:

For all other DOE Office of Science FOAs

PLEASE READ THE ANNOUCEMENT CAREFULLY TO CONFIRM YOUR PROPOSAL DEADLINE DATE and TIME and to ensure proposal submission requirements are met.

Specific needs required for proposal submission

Proposals are submitted in accordance with opportunity announcements. Each Funding Opportunity Announcement contains specific proposal requirements. Please refer to the individual funding announcement for its specific proposal submission guidelines.

SBIR/STTR are special programs that typically see a number of submissions by MIT faculty. Please refer to the Funding Opportunity Announcement to ensure proper proposal submission.

Information about the DOE's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Transfer (STTR) programs is available at: