Types of Sponsored Awards

Federal Grants

  • Project conceived by investigator
  • Performer defines details and retains scientific freedom
  • Agency support in the form of Assistance
  • Agency maintains cognizance
  • Funds are provided through unilateral funding mechanism

Federal Contracts

  • Project conceived by agency
  • Agency exercises direction or control
  • Agency procures services
  • Agency closely monitors
  • Funds are provided through an agreement signed by both parties

Non-Federal Agreements

  • Sponsors - Foreign, State and local governments, industry, foundations, other non-profit research institutions
  • Project conceived by investigator and refined through discussions with sponsor to create a consensus proposal
  • Performer defines details but sponsor helps shape direction and objectives
  • Performer retains scientific freedom
  • Agency exercises direction and closely monitors progress
  • Funds are provided through and agreement signed by both parties
  • Agreement defines rights and obligations of both parties with regard to conduct of research and rights to use the research outcomes and deliverables