Upcoming Trainings and Events

The Research Administration Educational Offerings are open to all in the MIT research administration community and those exploring a career in research administration. You can learn at your own pace with self-study webinars. MIT authentication is required to register for and join online trainings.

MIT Atlas Learning Center closes registration two days before the course is scheduled to be held. Atlas email course reminders will include Zoom links for virtual sessions. Register early, and contact training@mit.edu if a course you are interested in is closed or if you have any registration difficulties.


  • RA Support team members will highlight topics drawn from current trends in questions received through ra-help@mit.edu. We invite you to bring questions and/or current proposals that you are working on. Join on Zoom (no registration required)


  • Borrowing from this popular phrase with origins in Southeast Asia, this session will explore the similarities and differences between research administration offices of all sizes whether central or departmental. While our research volumes are drastically different, the workloads, per capita funding for staffing, and stressors are quite similar. Join us as we provide our perspectives from our different vantage points. We will discuss staffing challenges, remote/hybrid workforces, and dealing with last minute proposals along with the challenge of being all things to all people.

    Registration is not required, please join us April 25, 2024 via Zoom https://mit.zoom.us/j/97434459093  

  • This session will cover the policy behind NSF’s implementation of the Common Forms in the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 24-1). In addition, colleagues from NIH/National Library of Medicine will provide a demonstration of the revised capability to create and download these required proposal documents in SciENcv.

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  • Postdoctoral Scholars play critical roles in the MIT research enterprise. Understanding the differences between Postdoctoral Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow appointments including compensation, employee status, benefits including health and time off provisions, and F&A, is essential for effective pre- and post-award planning and management.
    Please join us to learn more about Postdoctoral Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow appointments, and the implications for sponsored programs, including:

    • MIT definitions of Postdoctoral Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow and associated policies
    • MIT's minimum salary requirements and mechanisms for meeting shortfalls
    • Sponsor Policies, examples, and important considerations.

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  • Cost sharing can be an enigma to many new research administrators, and it can be a headache to many seasoned research administrators. What is it, is it really that daunting, and how can we turn this obligation into an opportunity? This presentation will help participants define cost sharing, identify the types of cost sharing, explain ways we can meet cost sharing requirements (including handling subs!), and touch on best practices and experiences from the presenter's time in research administration - including a discussion of understanding subrecipient cost sharing obligations.

    Registration is not required, please join us May 20, 2024 via Zoom: https://mit.zoom.us/j/99057313818

  • Create a Detailed Budget that includes personnel with different salary inflation dates and indirect costs. This hands-on class will build upon knowledge and skills practiced in the pre-requisite web courses. Please complete these classes in order prior to registration: 

    1. Kuali Coeus: Introduction 
    2. Kuali Coeus: Basic Proposal Requirements 
    3. Kuali Coeus: Budget

    This hands-on class is offered in three versions with exercises and discussion focused on more complex proposal scenarios. 

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Share your topic suggestions at ra-help@mit.edu.