Under-recovery at Award Set-up

DLCI Responsibility

  • At new award time, review the under-recovery (UR) amount and source of funding to confirm that accurate information was provided in the KC proposal.
  • Update RAS about the UR amount and source account, if required, providing documentation of the approval of any previously unapproved sources.

RAS Responsibility

  • Determine the sponsor-approved rate and base and enter the appropriate costing sheets and rates in KC.
  • Enter data in KC describing the plan for funding anticipated UR from approved sources. This data in KC does not generate any transactions in SAP, but does provide information captured in Data Warehouse reports.

Reporting to Sponsors (If Required)

Though rare, if it is necessary to report the UR to the sponsor as a form of cost sharing, the UR amounts and source(s) should be shown by fiscal year on the Cost Sharing screen with a comment on the IDC screen referring the user to Cost Sharing. Any Cost Sharing comments should include instructions to the VPF for making charges to Recoverable Indirect Expense in amounts that equal the UR.