Special Requirements for Electronically-submitted Proposals

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For electronically-submitted proposals, are there special requirements? ( for example, do fields that are N/A need to have some value listed in them or can they be blank?)

  • Because Kuali Coeus is not able to provide system-to-system electronic upload of proposals in response to industrial RFPs, RAS usually requires PI’s to upload their own proposals to competitive industrial RFP web sites, upon receipt from the Contract Administrator of RAS’s approval of the proposal for submittal, along with a signed Contract Acceptance Letter if required.
  • Each competitive RFP web site will inform the proposer of the criticality of specific proposal information or components to acceptance of the proposal. In most cases, industrial competitive RFPs that utilize an electronic submission system require uploading of files and completion of fairly limited forms pages, and will inform the PI of deficits at the time of submission.
  • When the PI presses the “submit button”, validations either may or may not be done at that moment to notify the PI of uploading issues or missing information. In the latter case, the sponsor may notify submitters of deficits and ask for more information, or not. Again there is no practice common to all industrial sponsors.

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