Sponsor Specific Instructions Regarding Location in the Proposal

  • NIH [link to website: GENERAL APPLICATION GUIDE FOR NIH AND OTHER PHS AGENCIES]: Per the SF424 Instructions, NIH requires the following be included in the Facilities and Other Resources section: “Describe how the scientific environment in which the research will be done contributes to the probability of success (e.g., institutional support, physical resources, and intellectual rapport). In describing the scientific environment in which the work will be done, discuss ways in which the proposed studies will benefit from unique features of the scientific environment or subject populations or will employ useful collaborative arrangements.”
  • NSF [link to website]: In their Proposal & Award Policies and Procedures Guide, NSF requires that the following information be included in the Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources section: “Proposers should include an aggregated description of the internal and external resources (both physical and personnel) that the organization and its collaborators will provide to the project, should it be funded. Such information must be provided in this section, in lieu of other parts of the proposal (e.g., budget justification, project description). (Note that if the PI is not requesting summer or academic year salary, RAS recommends that the “MIT fully supports…” statement also be included here.)

    The description should be narrative in nature. Although these resources are not considered cost sharing as defined in OMB's Uniform Guidance (or Circular A-110), the NSF does expect that the resources identified in the Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources section will be provided, or made available, should the proposal be funded.”

  • DOE: DOE terms vary by solicitation, but they generally request that separate Appendices are uploaded for Facilities & Other Resources and for Equipment as follows: “This information is used to assess the capability of the organizational resources, including subawardee resources, available to perform the effort proposed. Identify the facilities to be used (Laboratory, Animal, Computer, Office, Clinical and Other). If appropriate, indicate their capacities, pertinent capabilities, relative proximity, and extent of availability to the project. Describe only those resources that are directly applicable to the proposed work. Describe other resources available to the project (e.g., machine shop, electronic shop) and the extent to which they would be available to the project.”