Non-Competitive Industrial Proposals

Please visit the Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer [website] for the most recent information and contract templates.

Single-sponsored research programs

Proposals to a single industrial sponsor should be submitted with a standard Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) drafted by RAS's Contract Administrators from one of the following templates, based upon the location of the industrial sponsor’s division that will sign the agreement:

  1. SRA Template for US Sponsors [PDF] - October 2017
  2. SRA template for International Sponsors [PDF] - November 2017

Using the appropriate template, RAS's Contract Administrator will fill in the necessary sponsor name, address and contact information, MIT project total cost and payment schedule, MIT contact information, and then insert the approved proposal as Attachment A. If the international SRA template is used, the country in which the sponsor’s signing division is located will need to be filled into the section on taxes, as well.

When a standard SRA template is not used

An exception is made to the use of the SRA templates when the sponsor meets one of these criteria:

  1. Sponsor has previously executed an existing master research agreement with MIT that is usable for the proposed research, and/or that the sponsor has directed MIT to use.
  2. Sponsor and MIT have agreed to use a recently-signed research agreement or some other specially-drafted agreement as a template for future research agreements.
  3. The research will be funded under another existing multi-project agreement between the sponsor and MIT (examples include a MITEI founding or sustaining member’s agreement or a current research consortium agreement).

In these cases, normally either the sponsor, the PI or the DLCI should inform RAS which existing agreement is intended to govern the new proposal.