Reporting Requirements

Kuali Coeus includes information about project reporting and closeout requirements. Responsibilities for submitting documents to meet award terms and conditions are shared at MIT, but ultimately the PI has responsibility for timely submission. Depending upon the type of award (grant, cooperative agreement, contract, or other transactions), reports are due on a recurring basis during the life of the award (normally within 90 days of the final expiration date for all final documents). This information is indicated in Kuali Coeus. There are generally four types of reports for federal awards. The table below summarizes report type, responsibilities, and likely schedule. Actual reporting requirements vary by award.

Type of Report Submitted by Final Reports Due Grant Coop. Agree. Contract
Technical (Progress) PI Within 90 days   Annually Quarterly Monthly
Fiscal (Financial) VPF or DLC Within 90 days   Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Property (Equipment) Property Office (VPF) Within 90 days   Annually Quarterly Quarterly
Intellectual Property (Invention) RAS, based on information provided by the PI Within 90 days   Annually Annually Annually