Sponsor Disclosure Requirements

Federal sponsors require full disclosure of project support, and are continually updating their requirements for how and when that information is disclosed in proposals and progress reports. Because requirements vary from sponsor to sponsor, RAS has created resources to help researchers and research administrators comply with the requirements for each sponsor.

Federal Sponsor Disclosure Requirements

For disclosure policies of other federal research sponsors, please review the program announcements and proposal preparation guides, and contact your RAS contract administrator with any questions.


SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) is an electronic system available through NCBI. Researchers and delegated administrators can use SciENcv to create and maintain biosketches for submission with NIH and NSF grant applications and annual reports. Furthermore, SciENcv can be used to create and update Current and Pending Support documents in NSF-approved format required by NSF and DOE (check solicitation to confirm). SciENcv can also be useful for maintaining and organizing current and pending support information for other sponsors

Awards & Pending Proposals Reports are available via the MIT Cognos website reports.mit.edu (requires MIT Touchstone authentication and KC roles to View Institute Proposal and View Award). Report options include Active Awards, Closed Awards, Award Sponsor Contacts, and Pending Proposals.

DocuSign is the recommended  electronic signature (e-signature) tool for business use by MIT faculty, staff, students and affiliates. MIT maintains an enterprise license, so there is no additional cost to use it, and it is supported by MIT IS&T.