Model Proposals

Please visit the Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer [website] for the most recent information about working with industrial sponsors.

What is contained in a model proposal to an industrial sponsor.

Because there is no proposal practice common to all industrial sponsors, there is no model proposal for industrial sponsors.

Proposal components that are important to industrial sponsors, in general, are:

  1. Statement of work
  2. Deliverables (software, data, reports, meetings, materials, prototypes, etc.) and/or anticipated outcomes
  3. Schedule of tasks and deliverables
  4. Requests for sponsor-provided equipment or materials, if any
  5. Plans for visiting scientists to be exchanged between MIT and sponsor, if any
  6. General budget (level of detail will be guided by sponsor’s technical representative or RFP) and budget justification
  7. These same items for any anticipated subcontractors, collaborators or consultants, along with a letter of commitment from the subcontracting organization, collaborator or consultant.