Monitoring Research Under-recovery during Project Period

RAS Responsibilities

  • Assign and correct a WBS element’s costing sheet and adjustment keys.
  • Generate Notice of Award (NoA) for new and changed WBS elements and send to DLCIs.

VPF Responsibilities

  • Generate an email Notice of Cost Object for new and changed WBS elements and transmit to DLCIs.
  • Calculate and process corrections and/or adjustments to posted F&A resulting from a change to the costing sheet and/or adjustment keys and from the assignment of a costing sheet that only approximates the sponsor’s base.
  • Notify DLCIs of document number for correcting JV entries after posting. 

DLCI Responsibilities

  • Review rates and report any concerns to RAS.
  • Review the Summary Statements monthly to verify the accuracy of all entries. DLCI is not required to recalculate F&A on all its cost objects each month, but must review major errors such as:
    • No F&A posting when cost object is subject to F&A, or vice versa
    • A cost object is incorrectly assigned an off-campus costing sheet when it should be on campus, or vice versa
  • Confirm all entries that post to its under-recovery (UR) cost center.
  • Communicate to RAS any approved changes in UR sources, providing documentation of approval from the investigator or DLCI controlling the source.
  • Regularly review UR cost object spending against DLCI allocation. Ensure that the funding in the DLCI UR cost object is sufficient to cover the under-recovery from this award. If not, work with the DLCI DAF to increase the central allocation or to provide local funding to support the UR. Note, under the FY2024 pilot DLCIs are no longer required to clear the UR to the funding source via monthly JV.