RA and TA Salary Levels and Health Insurance Rates

The collective bargaining agreement between MIT and the MIT Graduate Student Union (GSU) establishes wages, hours, benefits, and conditions of employment for all graduate students enrolled in MIT degree programs who are employed to provide instructional or research services, including:

  • Research assistants
  • Teaching assistants
  • Instructor Gs

The collective bargaining agreement excludes undergraduate students, graduate student resident advisors, and graduate fellows who are not also employed as research assistants or teaching assistants.

Graduate Student Appointment Policies: Oct 3, 2023 provides detailed information related to research assistant appointments, effort, and tuition subsidy.

Salary Rates

Current and future research assistant (RA), teaching assistant (TA) and instructor G (IG) salary rates are listed in Appendix 1 (page 58) of the collective bargaining agreement between the MIT GSU and MIT.

Health Insurance Rates

Current health insurance rates for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are maintained by MIT Health.  

Updated April 10, 2024