NSF Safe and Inclusive Working Environment

NSF requires AORs certify that an organization has a plan in place for safe and inclusive research for any proposal that proposes to conduct off-campus or off-site research. NSF defines “off-campus or off-site research” as “data/information/ samples being collected off-campus or off-site, such as fieldwork on research vessels and aircraft.” Haystack and Lincoln Laboratory are not considered off-campus or off-site work.

To address this requirement, PIs should complete and distribute the Plan for Off-Campus or Off-Site Research [PDF]:

  1. Determine whether any “off-campus or off-site research” will occur on their NSF-funded award. Plans are only required for NSF-funded awards containing research that is conducted off-site or off-campus. 
  2. Complete the project specific information on the last page of the plan.
  3. Distribute all pages (“the plan”) to everyone who will participate in an off-campus or off-site research activity prior to those individuals leaving campus to engage in the off-site or off-campus research. 
  4. Retain documentation of the plan itself and who received the plan (email or signup sheet is sufficient) in their grant files or in the departmental grant file.  

The plan should not be submitted to NSF or to RAS unless requested. Plans may be re-used and re-distributed for multiple off-campus research activities but must be updated if the specific content needs to change.   

For any questions, please reach out to Research Administration Services.