What do I need to do in Kuali Coeus when on-boarding a new hire, or when someone leaves MIT?

When your DLCI has a new hire, an important part of their on-boarding is providing access to MIT systems. This includes assigning roles in Kuali Coeus (KC) for proposal and awards. Similarly, when an individual leaves the DLCI, their KC roles and abilities for your DLCI should be removed.  For some of these tasks, adding and removing access to KC this is accomplished through the Roles Database by the department's Primary Financial Authorizer or by emailing business-help@mit.edu.  

For DLCIs with sponsored awards, there is functionality in KC that determines the recipients of notifications related to awards. Notifications related to training requirements for personnel charged to sponsored projects, requests for approval of Human Subject protocols; receive SAP 001 notifications for sponsored projects, outstanding Conflict of Interest disclosure notifications, late reports, and more. For these KC updates, you need to ask Research Administration Support [email]. We can help you review and update the notification recipients for your unit.

Unit Admin Table Screenshot

The personnel listed in your KC Unit Administrator Table determines who gets the notifications noted above.

KC Unit Administrator Table and SAP -001 Reports

The daily feed from KC to SAP generates the SAP 001 Report.

  • There are only two (2) recipients of the SAP 001 Report: “Addressee” and “Supervisor.”
  • The Supervisor is the PI on the KC Award
  • The Addressee in SAP is the Administrative Officer in KC
  • The exception to this is when there is someone named Other Individual to Notify; then they receive the SAP 001 rather than the AO.

There is a different place in KC where RA Support can update approvers for KC proposals. These are the KC proposal approval maps called KC People Flow. 

If you are unsure of whom to contact when it comes to accessing and updating your staff’s access to KC, here is a quick list:

Contacts for accessing and updating access to KC




KC Roles

Proposal Create, View Award, View Development Proposals, etc.

business-help@mit.edu or your department's Financial Primary Authorizer

Unit Administrators

Notifications triggered by KC Awards


KC People Flow

Proposal approvals