Is it possible to get an MIT Kerberos account for non-MIT personnel?

Yes. a Sponsored Account (often referred to as “guest account”) is an MIT Kerberos account held by an individual who is not a current MIT faculty member, student, or employee. This may include contract employees/contingent labor, or research collaborators with no direct connection to MIT.

Sponsored Accounts can be used for:

  • Getting access to MIT web sites such as Atlas for required training via the Learning Center.
  • Access to download MIT licensed software (note: this may require additional steps to confirm the affiliate is approved for access).
  • Use general access MIT computing resources such as Athena Clusters.
  • Inclusion in a Kuali Coeus research proposal. For questions regarding if or when it is needed, please contact
  • Any scenario where a user requires access to MIT electronic resources but otherwise has no formal association with the Institute.

How does one request a Sponsored Account?

Complete the online request form on the Information Services & Technology (IS&T) site. Once a sponsor completes the request form, a system-generated email is generated and sent directly to the sponsoree/guest. The email will contain their new MIT ID number and instructions for registering for a Kerberos ID, which is typically the prefix in an MIT email address, before the