Definition of International Activities for the Purpose of International Program Proposal Review

MIT activities taking place in a location outside the United States, or funded by a foreign sponsor, may require an additional International Activities review by the office of the Vice President for Research. The need for this review depends on factors such as the nature of the anticipated activities, sponsor type, and the sponsor’s home country. 

Examples include:

Will always require International Review:

  • Proposals that anticipate the foreign sponsor’s personnel being appointed at MIT (e.g., a "Visiting Scientist" appointment).

May require International Review.

Please check with your DLC’s Contract Administrator to determine whether an International Review is needed:

  • Proposals to a foreign sponsor, of any type, for support of MIT activities taking place in the United States. These include non-research and fellowship proposals for support from international corporations, governments, or non-profit entities. As an example, proposals to a sponsor from a country sanctioned by the U.S. Government typically would require International Activities review, but not every proposal will need this review.
  • Proposals that include activities performed by a subrecipient or subcontractor in a location outside the United States, regardless of whether the subrecipient or subcontractor is a non-U.S. entity. 
  • Proposals that include statements of work describing collaboration with non-U.S. entities, even though the non-U.S. entity may be providing its own funding. However, review is not required if the proposal simply includes letters of collegial support by international researchers conducting activities in related areas.
  • Proposals to support MIT-organized conferences in a location outside the United States. However, review is not required simply because the proposal includes travel to an international conference organized by a professional society or other non-MIT entity.