Sponsor-Specific Terms

Below you will find links summarizing the current standard terms for Federal Grants, by Sponsor and by Term Type. Please note that these terms only apply to federal grants. Contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants from non-federal Sponsors will incorporate their own terms and conditions. 

The Control Environment

Every federal award is subject to federal regulations. These include OMB’s Uniform Guidance and the OMB Circulars that preceded it, which define the principles for determining costs that are allowable, allocable and reasonable to charge to federal awards. MIT policy aligns with federal regulations and ensures that they are applied consistently across the Institute. Federal agencies each implement the federal regulations according to their own, agency-specific terms, which are described in the links below. Finally, special terms and conditions in the agreement or funding solicitation may further restrict the terms of the award. 

If you have questions about a specific award, contact your unit’s RAS representative, who can be found here: RAS Staff by Department

All Term types by Federal Sponsor

All Sponsor Terms by Term Type