Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR)

The Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) is a federal-wide uniform progress report format for submission of required annual or other interim performance reporting on research grant and cooperative agreement awards. It is used by all federal agencies that provide sponsored funding as mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Office of Science and Technology Policy policy memorandum

  • Each agency has been given the flexibility to develop their own tools and templates for submission of the RPPR. Check with your agency for specific guidance.

  • The RPPR structure and components are:

    1. Cover page including basic institutional and project identifying data
    2. Accomplishment from past activity period and goals for the upcoming activity period
    3. Products or outcomes from the activity such as technologies and publications
    4. Participants including all persons that have contributed significantly to the activity, their role, their activity and their funding support. This section also asks about collaborators, including foreign collaborators
    5. Impact of the project and major contributions: e.g. to the discipline, human resources (e.g. teaching, training), public knowledge, social conditions
    6. Changes to the project: delay in plans, changes in approach, compliance (animal use, human subject involvement, biohazards), project expenditures
    7. Special reporting requirements that are specific to the agency or the contract
    8. Budget forms

    Not all agencies will require all components. Only the Cover Page and the Accomplishments components are mandatory for all agencies. Each agency has the flexibility to choose what other components are relevant to their research; for each component, they may also select what information is required. Please contact your agency official if you are not sure which components you will be required to submit.

  • Only a Signing Official (SO) or PI are allowed to submit the annual, interim, and final RPPRs. Review Sponsor Information for specific sponsor requirements.

  • If you submit a progress report in RPPR format using electronic tools provided by the agency, most information will pre-populate in subsequent reports along with information and edits previously submitted to the agency through other sources (, MyNCBI, iEdison, etc.).